'How about the truth?' Chuck Todd clashes with Trump attorney over hush money payments
NBC/screen grab

Joseph Tacopina, an attorney for Donald Trump, lashed out at NBC host Chuck Todd who suggested that the former president was not telling the truth about having an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels.

"What this investigation may end up being is about — is essentially the falsifying of business records," Todd told Tacopina in a Sunday interview. "This is not an unusual crime to charge someone in the Manhattan District Attorney's office. We have over sixty instances of this."

"You couldn't be more wrong when you make that statement," Tacopina disagreed. "This, first of all, would be a case of first... never in the history of this country has this been done before, and never in the Manhattan District Attorney's office has someone been charged with a crime for falsifying business records to pay hush money as they call it or confidential settlement."

"What should he put in his ledger?" the attorney said of Trump.

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"How about the truth?" Todd suggested. "You keep saying, 'What should be in the ledger?' Shouldn't it be the truth?"

"Chuck, you're being a little petty when you look at this now," Tacopina charged. "Because there is no filing obligation."

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