Former Trump aide unloads on 'sniveling opportunist' Josh Hawley for Afghanistan flip-flop
Republican senator Josh Hawley. (Screenshot)

On Thursday, after Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) called on President Joe Biden to resign over the ISIS-K terror attack that killed several servicemembers at Kabul International Airport, former Trump campaign aide A. J. Delgado lashed out at him.

"You are a lunatic but not even because some lunatics have ethics," wrote Delgado on Twitter. "You're just a sniveling opportunist and liar — and I love that you always poll at ... zero percent."

Delgado, who formerly served as a spokeswoman and campaign outreach staffer for former President Donald Trump's 2016 run, has long fallen out with the former president's inner circle, and has sued them alleging pregnancy discrimination after another, married, campaign staffer, Jason Miller, impregnated her.

Hawley, who has been a furious critic of the Afghanistan pullout over the last week, was in fact a firm supporter when Trump initially negotiated the broad strokes of the withdrawal with the Taliban. In fact, when President Joe Biden announced his intent to continue Trump's withdrawal policy, Hawley's only complaint was that Biden was not withdrawing as fast as Trump had initially pledged.