'Grossly unfit': Hometown newspaper rips Josh Hawley's 'embarrassing ignorance'
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A leading newspaper in Sen. Josh Hawley's home state scolded the Republican senator again.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch previously called on Hawley to resign over his support for Donald Trump's attempted coup, and the newspaper's editorial board strongly criticized his support for Russian aggression against Ukraine.

"There once was a time when Hawley had presidential aspirations, but a badly timed fist-pump on Jan. 6, 2021, along with his appeasing advocacy of Russian supremacy just about closes the lid on his presidential dreams," the newspaper said. "We thought Hawley should’ve resigned his Senate seat for his role in the Capitol insurrection, but the idea that the United States should kneel down to Russia over Ukraine underscores how grossly unfit Hawley is to continue in office."

The editorial board questioned Hawley's wisdom and maturity, and called out his understanding of foreign policy.

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"Perhaps the young senator should be forgiven for his naivete regarding Russia," the board wrote. "He wasn’t even born during the worst years of the Cold War, and he was still in diapers when Moscow invaded Afghanistan and dominated half of Europe. So he might not remember why containing Russian expansionism remains such a big deal for older Americans. Republicans these days seem averse to reading any history that makes them feel bad about themselves, which could explain why Hawley’s ignorance is so embarrassingly on display in Washington."