Proud Boy candidate gets ripped by local newspaper after his love for white nationalism is exposed
Josh Wells. (

Josh Wells, a school board candidate in Haven, was the subject of a hard-hitting editorial by The Kansas City Star this week.

"Josh Wells, a Hutchinson-area man with Proud Boys and other alleged right-wing extremist ties, is nostalgic for the good old days when the U.S. was a 'pro-white country with a protected white majority." He's running for the Haven USD 312 Board of Education,' the newspaper explained.

The editorial board explained how Wells had been exposed by the Midwest Youth Liberation Front for seeking to establish a "white nationalism and or a pro-Western Christian theocracy with a protected white majority status. Whichever one is more obtainable."

The newspaper noted Wells had been visited by the FBI for his connections to the Proud Boys on January 5th — one day before the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Former U.S. attorney for Kansas, Barry Grissom, urged voters to remain vigilant.

"In this era of half-truths and lies that weaken our institutions of government that, for years, were respected, we take comments from white supremacists and people who are on the fringe and we just now kind of shrug our shoulders like it's no big deal. That, to me, is a cancer on our society," Grissom said.

The newspaper also debunked Wells' efforts to deny being a white supremacist.

"No, if you involve yourself in white supremacist groups and talk about forming a country of 'white nationalism and or a pro-Western Christian theocracy,' then perhaps some get that impression of you," the newspaper explained. "It's the same impression the nation may get of Haven USD 312 if he somehow wins on Tuesday."

Here is the initial thread by the Midwest Youth Liberation Front: