QAnon-promoting candidate said Air Force punished him for getting in a fight — he actually drove drunk at base
J.R. Majewski (Screen cap / YouTube)

On Wednesday, the Associated Press revealed that, on top of not telling the truth about where he was stationed and what he was doing while he served in the military, pro-Trump Ohio House candidate J.R. Majewski also appears to have misstated the reason he was demoted from Airman First Class to Airman.

"Majewski’s campaign said last week that he was punished and demoted after getting in a 'brawl' in an Air Force dormitory in 2001," reported Brian Slodysko and James LaPorta. "Military records obtained since then by The Associated Press, however, offer a different account of the circumstances, which military legal experts say would have played a significant role in the decision to bar him from reenlisting. They indicate Majewski’s punishment and demotion were the result of him being stopped for driving drunk on a U.S. air base in Japan in September 2001."

This comes after another story revealing that Majewski -- who described himself in campaign promotional material as a "combat veteran" and said he was deployed to special operations in Afghanistan so harsh he was forced to go weeks at a time without showering -- actually worked loading aircraft at a U.S. air base in Qatar.

He subsequently tried to claim his actual mission had been "classified"; however, other veterans have said this is almost impossible.

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"In a statement, Majewski acknowledged that he was punished for drunken driving, though he didn’t address why his campaign previously said his demotion was the result of a fight," said the report. "'This mistake is now more than 20 years old. I’m sure we’ve all done something as young adults that we look back on and wonder ‘what was I thinking?’ and I’m sure our parents and grandparents share these sentiments,' Majewski said."

"Eric Mayer, a former West Point graduate and Army infantry officer later turned military lawyer, reviewed Majewski’s documents at AP’s request," the report continued. "He said that 'the overall nature and quality of (Majewski’s) military service can be severely questioned simply by virtue of the fact that he got out as a E-2 after four years.'"

Majewski, who is running against Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) in a newly-redrawn district that narrowly voted for former President Donald Trump, was previously best known for performing in a rap song called "Let's Go Brandon Save America," and turning his lawn into a gigantic image of Trump's face.

He has also promoted QAnon, the far-right, conspiracy theory that Trump is working to save America from a circle of Satanic child-trafficking cannibals — although he has tried to distance himself from this since getting the congressional nomination.