Watch: Ohio GOP candidate squirms when reporter confronts him about past promotion of QAnon
J.R. Majewski and former President Donald Trump (campaign photo).

Pro-Trump House Republican candidate J.R. Majewski squirmed during an interview this week when asked about his previous social media posts that promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Taylor Popielarz of Spectrum News DC this week conducted an interview with Majewski in which he asked him about the multiple times the Ohio candidate used QAnon hashtags and even going so far as to wear a shirt with the letter "Q" on it.

"I would say that I have very rarely gotten a question about that," he replied. "The only time I get a question about that, it's from the mainstream media... voters in Ohio's 9th district don't care about QAnon."

He then tried to pivot back to talking about inflation and high gas prices, both of which are Republicans' top issues heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

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He then circled back to talking about his past promotion of QAnon.

"What I did as a private citizen has absolutely no bearing," he said. "I've already given multiple answers on the fact that I don't support QAnon. I've never been to their forum. I know there was a podcast I was on which they picked the screen up, but I don't know anything about them."

In fact, Majewski tweeted out the QAnon hashtag "#WWG1WGA" more than 50 different times, and also posted Q-aligned messages such as "Trump 2Q2Q" and "Silent MajQrity," while also taking a fascination with the number 17, as Q is the 17th number in the alphabet.

Watch the video below or at this link.