Vice principal transferred to different school after calling Black student the N-word

According to KUTV, a middle school vice principal at Bennion Jr. High in Taylorsville, Utah who was found to have used a racial slur against a Black 8th grade girl has been transferred to another school.

"The employee was put on paid leave while the district investigated and they’ve now concluded the administrator did use the racial slur," reported Jim Spiewak. "The family called for the employee to be fired but after their investigation the Granite School District transferred him to another school within the district."

"'It did happen, a vice principal used the N-word,' said Tyler Ayres an attorney representing the girl’s family," said the report. "Ayres said the fact that the vice principal was not fired and instead transferred to another school is not acceptable. 'This decision says, don’t say it twice but one time you basically get a free pass,' Ayres said."

"After the incident the district met with Rae Duckworth of Black Lives Matter Utah," the report continued. "'That’s a disappointment, to be able to do something that traumatic to a child and then just be allowed to move to the next school,' Duckworth said. Duckworth said the district has taken steps to be more inclusive but more still needs to be done adding 'I can’t say that they ended racism, I can say that they removed a racist from the school.'"

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Taylorsville has been the site of other racial controversies. In 2015, a Black resident said the neighbors vandalized his home and shouted racial slurs at him while he was doing yard work.

Nor is this the first report of racial incidents on a school campus in Utah. Last November, University of Utah students allegedly shouted the N-word at a Black contractor from the upper floor of a residence hall and pelted him with sunflower seeds.

Family of eighth-grade student allegedly called a racial slur calls for change