Bystander grabs Just Stop Oil activist and douses him with his own paint

Protests staged by an environmentalist activist group across the U.K. have been met with notable frustration from citizens, with scenes going viral showing motorists dragging activists from roadways they were blocking.

Aside from the roadway sit-ins, "Just Stop Oil" protesters have been caught on video defacing car dealerships and classic paintings in museums, prompting a new wave of anger from people who disagree with the group's tactics.

The anger from the public has been so heightened that the the Metropolitan Police Service has issued a warning to citizens not to intervene in the protests, with Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist saying people should "call us, and we will deal" with the protesters.

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One person chose to ignore that warning when it came to a JSO protester defacing the MI5 building in London.

A video posted to Twitter shows the protester begin to spray the paint when a man walks up and wrestles the nozzle away, ultimately spraying the protester with his own paint.

Watch the video below or at this link.