'I'm that warrior for God he should have been!' Herschel Walker fires back at Obama in rambling campaign address
Herschel Walker (Photo via Herschel Walker Facebook page)

Georgia Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker on Monday fired back at former President Barack Obama, who over the weekend mocked Walker's credentials.

During a weekend campaign rally in Georgia, Obama acknowledged Walker's status as a great football player but questioned what other qualities he had that made him worthy of being a United States senator.

"Some of you may not remember, but Herschel Walker was a heck of a football player... does that make him the best person to represent you?" Obama asked the crowd. "Let's say you're at the airport and you see Walker and you say, 'Hey, there's Herschel, Heisman winner. Let's have him fly the plane!'"

Walker did not take kindly to these remarks and he defended his capabilities to supporters on Monday.

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"Did Obama mention that when he was talking about Herschel flying the plane?" Walker fumed. "I don't got to fly a plane, I'm not a pilot! I'm a football player, I'm a politician, I'm a lover, and I love everybody! That's what I am! I'm that warrior for God that he should have been when he was born, but he's not!"

Walker then trashed Obama for "hanging out with celebrities," even though his entire political career was launched by an endorsement from Donald Trump, the previous host of "Celebrity Apprentice."

Watch the video below or at this link.