Adidas execs got so sick of Kanye West they chose to 'obliterate $2B in annual revenue' to be rid of him: Bloomberg
Kanye West (Photo via AFP)

An extensive new report from Bloomberg delivers an inside view of the end of the relationship between sportswear manufacturer Adidas and rapper Kanye West.

According to Bloomberg's sources, Adidas had for months been working to end its partnership with West, who has for years made controversial statements before he erupted into pushing open anti-Semitism last month.

Apparently, Adidas executives were wary about the legal implications involved in dumping West, who has now legally changed his name to Ye, until he left them with little option after his anti-Jewish rants.

"Some of the company’s top executives hesitated because they first wanted to obtain opinions from outside law firms in the US that if Adidas went ahead with the termination of the Ye partnership, it wouldn’t be deemed as an obstruction of an ongoing court mediation process," Bloomberg writes. "Still others disagreed with that stance, feeling that Ye’s behavior had become so offensive that it merited immediately cutting ties."

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Taking the plunge and axing West also had big financial implications for Adidas, which had been generating an estimated $1.8 billion in annual sales from Yeezy-brand footwear.

Or as Bloomberg reporter Kim Bhasin put it on Twitter, Adidas executives decided to "obliterate $2B in annual revenue" just to be rid of West.