'Willing to do or say anything': Morning Joe singles out Kari Lake as 'a grave threat to democracy'
Kari Lake (CNN screenshot)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough singled out one of Donald Trump's hand-picked candidates as a threat to U.S. democracy.

Congressional majorities are on the line in Tuesday's midterm elections, along with President Joe Biden's agenda and potentially even the future of American democracy, and the "Morning Joe" host explained how the former president is continuing to threaten the constitutional order by backing election fraud conspiracy theorists.

"This whole thing about democracy is on the line, and everything hinges on this one election, I do totally get that sentiment," Scarborough said. "But you really need to go race by race, and you look at, for instance, Kari Lake, I think that is someone who poses a grave threat to American democracy. I just do."

Lake, the GOP nominee for Arizona governor, spouts Trump's lies about the 2020 election and has made clear she would use the power of her officer to ensure Republicans won her state's elections, and Scarborough said she's a shameless and skilled politician.

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"When you look at the fact that she's an election denier, you look at her skill set, you look at the fact Republicans are already talking about her being Trump's vice president pick -- she seems willing to do anything, say anything," Scarborough said. "You know, I have a friend that was running in the primary. She said he was on the side of pedophiles because he wouldn't put cameras in every classroom across the state of Arizona. This is a woman willing to do anything. There's an example, yes, where I do believe this would be a grave risk to democracy in Arizona."

"Other races where the stakes just aren't quite that high," he added, "and so you look at Georgia, you have two people that stood up to Donald trump, and said, no, we're not going to let you steal elections. Republicans have done that across the country, as well."

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