'Burn it to the ground': Lake pledges attack against Maricopa County government's 'house of cards'
Kari Lake

Republican Kari Lake continued making veiled threats in her speech before a right-wing conference on Sunday.

Speaking to the crowd she attacked Maricopa County, where Phoenix, Arizona is.

"They are daring us to do something about it," said Lake to the fringe crowd. "Let me tell you what I'm going to do. They have built a house of cards here in Maricopa County. I think they're all wondering what I'm gonna do. I'll tell you what. I'm not just gonna knock that house of cards over, we're gonna burn it to the ground."

In the past year, local officials like those in Maricopa County have seen unprecedented threats of violence. They ultimately had to move to an undisclosed location to protect the employees.

See the video of the threats below or at the link here:

lake www.youtube.com