'Detached from reality' Kari Lake slammed for Mar-a-Lago speech inciting her 'lunatic followers'
2022 Arizona election loser Kari Lake (Photo: Etienne Laurent/Shutterstoc)

On Saturday afternoon, MSNBNC contributor and former GOP spokesperson Kurt Bardella dropped the hammer on failed Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake over an inflammatory speech she gave at Mar-a-Lago this week.

As Bardella told host Alex Witt, Lake's speech was nothing less than "unhinged."

In her speech, the former Arizona television personality told a small crowd at the Florida resort, "We just had such a huge movement going into election day, so to watch these people – these evil b*stards," before pausing and adding, "Can I say that here, is that alright? To watch them steal this in broad daylight, and if they think they are going to get away with it, they messed with the wrong b*tch, okay?”

According to Bardella, the Republican leadership needs to forcefully disassociate themselves from the aspiring Republican politician at the very least.

"How far do you think that she can take this?" the MSNBC host pressed.

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"It sounds to me like Kari Lake is kind of hoping that what happened on January 6th in Washington D.C. happens in her home state of Arizona. It sounds like someone who was unhinged, detached from reality and looking to use outward lies and conspiracy theories to incite and mobilize her lunatic followers to take action."

"And that could have very real-world repercussions," he cautioned. "We live in a time now where we know, rhetoric isn't just saying something and these people don't act on it. We have seen time and again that the most ardent supporters of these conspiracy theory-driven-type people: they take their words as marching orders and they act on them. The results can oftentimes result in violence or death, mayhem."

"It just sounds like she is hoping and egging something like that to happen in Arizona," he continued. " And it is incredibly irresponsible and frankly, every Republican needs to be speaking out and denouncing this."

"If you say nothing, if you aren't willing to step up and say something, then you are culpable when bad things happen," he lectured. "We saw that in the run-up to January sixth and we are seeing this now with Kari Lake. And again, against the backdrop of the leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago, she is out there saying these things. Where is the Republican Party? Why are they not denouncing her and speaking out against this?"

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