MSNBC's Joe Scarborough torched Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake as a "fascist" and "fruit loop" on Friday morning for insisting she would not have certified President Joe Biden's election win over nonexistent claims of fraud.

Lake, a former local news anchor who's become the GOP frontrunner, has drawn the endorsement of Donald Trump and conspiracy-mongering MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for pushing baseless claims of fraud, but the "Morning Joe" host declared her manifestly unfit to serve as governor.

"If you want to see the face of somebody who is a threat to democracy, you just saw her face," Scarborough said. "Despite the repeated number of recounts in Arizona, despite the fact they brought in a scam group who actually had a leader who is a conspiracy theorist, and they still figured out Donald Trump lost. Donald Trump lost in Arizona about as many times as the Baltimore Orioles lost baseball games this past year, and you still have conspiracy theorists, fruit loops who are saying the hell with the United States Constitution. That is the face right there, what you just saw from [NBC News reporter] Vaughn Hillyard, of the insurgency, of people who say we're not going to follow what the United States Constitution says. It's a fascist insurgency that a small group of people, I think, right now are trying to launch against American democracy, undermine Madisonian democracy."

"That is the real threat to American democracy, people like that would get elected," he added.

Virginia's Glenn Youngkin showed that Republicans can win by staying away from Trump's election lies, Scarborough said, but he was alarmed by the number of GOP candidates who are explicitly endorsing them.

"If you look at Arizona, Ohio some other states," he said, "there are frightening candidates rising to the top out there."

'Face of the fascist insurgency': Morning Joe torches Trump-loving 'fruit loop' Kari Lake