Kari Lake shares video suggesting voting machines rejected ballots for voters with 'Let's Go Brandon' T-shirts
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Failed Arizona candidate Kari Lake (R) shared a video on Tuesday suggesting that some voters may not have had their ballots counted if they were wearing a "Let's Go Brandon" slogan.

In the video shared by Lake, a woman named Sherry claimed to have been a poll watcher in Phoenix during the recent election.

She recalled that a "young man" had his ballot rejected by a voting machine 24 times.

"Because I counted the different times he got into line going from one tabulating machine to another," Sherry said. "Then that ballot was spoiled and he got a second ballot, got back in line and, again, I don't know how many times — I lost count of the number of times — the times that he went back and forth in line. And finally, he had that ballot spoiled and got a provisional ballot and the same thing happened."

The poll watcher concluded: "This young guy was wearing a 'Let's Go Brandon' shirt. And there is no way that those were just random odds."

"It's uncertain if he got to vote at all," Lake added in her tweet.

Though out her campaign for governor, Lake also insisted that the 2020 presidential election had been stolen from former President Donald Trump.

Watch the video below or at this link.