'We will become slaves': Kari Lake's dire warning urges MAGA to 'stand and fight'
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake told supporters in Arizona that they would "become slaves" unless the election is called for her.

During a Tuesday interview with right-wing host Charlie Kirk, Lake said that she wakes up every day "ready to fight" despite losing the election.

"God never said this was going to be easy, Charlie," the candidate opined. "But He put us here at this moment for a reason. He doesn't make mistakes. He knows that we are the people to fight through this and save our country. I truly believe that. And this is not hyperbole."

"It is our moment right now, Charlie, to prove that we love this country, to prove that we're in it for the fight," she added. "Look at China. If we don't stand up right now, we will become China. And I'm not talking about these heroic people in China. I'm talking about we will become slaves because globalism, that's what it has in mind for us. We become slaves to a system."

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Lake called on her supporters to "stand up and fight every day."

"There's no other choice but to stand up and fight," she said. "And if we don't stand up and fight, what are we telling our grandkids and our children? That we don't care about their future?"

Watch the video below or at this link.