AZ Republicans urged to seek damages against Kari Lake for election fraud 'lunacy'
Kari Lake (Photo via Shutterstock)

A popular Arizona radio host is urging the Republican-dominated Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to join in and seek financial damages against former television personality Kari Lake for her unsubstantiated accusations of electoral fraud in 2020 that denied her the governorship of the state.

In his column for KTAR News, Jim Sharpe agreed that the GOP candidate who is still seeking to overturn her election loss is deserving mockery, before adding that she -- and her lawyers -- deserves to be hit in the pocketbook too.

As Sharpe notes, the duly elected governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs, and her successor in the secretary of state office, Adrian Fontes, asked Arizona's State Supreme Court to toss Lake's latest lawsuit out as well as asking for the losing candidate and her attorneys to be hit with fines for wasting the court's time with "laughable" accusations.

According to Sharpe, the Maricopa Board should join in and also ask for damages.

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"The majority-Republican Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, along with Hobbs and Fontes, stopped laughing long ago about Lake’s copious claims — when they were made in court against them. And this week they asked the state’s highest court to throw Lake, her lawsuit and her lawyers out on their ears," he wrote before suggesting the Republicans join forces with Hobbs and Fontes to dismiss accusations they indulging in a partisan witch hunt.

"The effect on the public would certainly be more profound if Republicans helped bring focus to Lake’s crazy claim that Republicans criminally colluded — with Democrats — to get Democrats elected," he wrote.

"Even then, the effect would be limited. The claim that Republicans conspired against her — which causes the average voters’ eyes to roll — makes Lake’s sycophants’ eyes glaze over like they are in a trance. So the minds of only some persuadable Republicans will be moved," he cautioned before lamenting, "... any monetary penalty the court could hand down would be a mere pittance compared to the millions Lake has amassed peddling poop-loads of prevarication to the people."

You can read his whole piece here.