'This has to end': Katie Hobbs slams 'sore loser' Kari Lake for causing chaos after losing election
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On Tuesday's edition of "CNN This Morning", Arizona Secretary of State and Governor-elect Katie Hobbs slammed Republicans for continuing to push election denial in her state, following her narrow defeat of pro-Trump former news anchor and QAnon-curious conspiracy theorist Kari Lake.

This comes after Maricopa County recorder Bill Gates, himself a Republican and a prominent opponent of election conspiracy theorists, was forced to go into hiding by threats as the ballot count in Arizona grew less favorable to the GOP.

"Your reaction to this news that we just learned about Republican election official in your state, Bill Gates?" asked anchor Poppy Harlow.

"I think Arizonans and Americans sent a message to election deniers: we are ready to move on," said Hobbs. "Unfortunately, they are still giving attacks on those responsible for our elections based on false allegations. They are basically being a sore loser. We cannot tolerate it. This has to end. I think we survived a lot in this last election. We helped save democracy, but it's not over. We have to continue to be vigilant and hold these people accountable for dangerous political rhetoric causing this kind of threat."

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"I ran this campaign talking to Arizonans," Hobbs added. "I wasn't focused on if they were Democrats or Republicans. The issues I talk to them about are Arizona issues. Fixing our water crisis, funding schools, protecting reproductive rights, affordability. Those are things Arizona cares about. I promise to be a governor for all Arizonans, whether you supported me in this election or not ... I had a strong coalition of Republicans supporting me, in this case, because they chose sanity over chaos. I'm going to continue to make sure our administration is inclusive of all those viewpoints. These are not Democrat and Republican issues, they are Arizona issues."

Lake, whose loss has drawn the wrath of former President Donald Trump on social media, has refused to concede the election, vowing to gather together a team of lawyers that could let her challenge the results.

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