Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey's office refuses to comment on rumors of illness
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey. (Governor's Office, Jamie Martin)

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey hasn't made any recent public appearances, and her office is refusing to comment on rumors about her health.

The Alabama Republican, who is running for re-election in November, survived lung cancer three years ago, and columnist Kyle Whitmire reached out to the governor's office with a list of four questions seeking comment on her health and whether it affected her ability to carry out her duties, but he said they never replied and repeated attempts to contact Ivey herself and her aides went unanswered.

"That was last Friday," Whitmire wrote. "On Monday, my colleague Mike Cason, who had been on vacation, joined in. He went to the governor’s office where he actually got to talk to a real live person and not a bottomless pit of voicemail, but no one there would say on the record where the governor was or what was going on with her."

Cason asked for the governor's weekly schedule, which he regularly asks for and receives, but he said there was no schedule this week, and Whitmire said reporters from other outlets in the state have also been seeking comment on rumors about Ivey's health.

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"State officials I’ve spoken with have been left out of the loop, too, and aren’t happy about it," Whitmire wrote.

The columnist said the same scenario played out after Ivey's cancer diagnosis three years ago, until the governor's team finally stopped denying she was ill weeks after rumors began circulating about her health.

"I guess this time they’ve decided that saying nothing is better than a lie," Whitmire wrote. "But whatever is happening, they can’t hide it forever."

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