Keith Olbermann calls on FBI to investigate Marjorie Taylor Greene after she threatened several Democrats
Broadcasting legend Keith Olbermann (screengrab)

Newly elected Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) lashed out at liberal commentator Keith Olbermann on Twitter, alleging that he threatened her after he alleged that she would end up in jail as a traitor. It apparently didn't work because Olbermann is back with another attack on Greene and calling for the FBI to investigate her social media posts.

Greene reportedly posted several things on her social media in 2018 and 2019 that called for the deaths of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, FBI agents and other Democrats.

Olbermann mocked Greene for blaming "others" who have access to her Facebook account but noted that the new Georgia Congresswoman made the comments in a video she filmed for that page.

Greene's wild words would be normal QAnon issues, Olbermann said, but she helped spur the insurrection, carries a cache of weapons with her and has access to the woman she said should be killed.

"When on Twitter I had suggested that she would eventually go to prison as a traitor, she replied that 'This is extremely violent, threatening rhetoric,' even though it was neither threatening nor violent. She also claimed that this was part of a 'sickening witch hunt by the deranged, violent left. In her reply to me, Taylor Greene also tagged the Twitter account of the FBI. 'My coms team,' her coms team, 'is recording and archiving everything with the media because of dangerous liars like this.' Dangerous liar? Hi, hello, how are ya?"

See Olbermann's statement below: