Kellyanne Conway interview broaches 'divorce' as she refuses to say marriage 'survived' Trump
Kellyanne Conway (Photo by Micholas Kamm for AFP)

Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday refused to say that her marriage with attorney George Conway had "survived" after her time working for Donald Trump.

During an interview on CBS, co-host Gayle King noted that Conway's time in the White House had been marred by her husband's campaign against Trump.

"You write in [your] book that the man you thought had your back ended up stabbing you in the back," King said.

"Isn't that unfortunate," Conway replied. "I think women can relate to that but this was next level. And I'll say this. George Conway's vows are not to Donald Trump. He doesn't owe loyalty to fealty to a political party or a certain president. That was to me and to honor and cherish."

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"George changed his mind about President Trump," she continued. "He's welcome to do that but it was very unlike George to be so publicly bombastic."

"As we sit here today, did you all survive?" King wondered. "Did your marriage survive?"

"Well, here we are this weekend at the shore with the kids," Conway asserted, declining to answer the question.

"Divorced people -- battling parents still hang out with each other," King noted.

"It's so unlike George to not take action on something that means something to him," Conway opined. "If it means that much to him, I think we should have gone to couples counseling. And I think we all do what we want with our time and my objection is that he spends his time doing that. He's welcome to do that."

The former presidential adviser indicated that she was hurt because she wasn't "given the courtesy of being told ahead of time" about an op-ed her husband wrote against Trump.

"It was meant to make me uncomfortable," she said.

"You're not wearing a ring now," CBS co-host Jeff Glor remarked.

"He doesn't either," Conway smiled.

Watch the video below from CBS or at this link.