Trump impeachment lawyer Ken Starr waged 'scorched Earth' campaign to help Jeffrey Epstein: book
Attorney Kenneth Starr speaks during arguments before the California Supreme Court to overturn California's Proposition 8 in San Francisco, California on March 5, 2009. (Reuters/Paul Sakuma)

It turns out that Alan Dershowitz wasn't the only Trump impeachment lawyer who used his talents to help the late billionaire child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

The Guardian reports that a new book by Miami Herald reporter Julie K Brown details how fellow Trump impeachment lawyer Ken Starr went all out to help Epstein score "effective immunity from federal prosecution."

In the book, Brown describes Starr as a "fixer" who used his political connections with the Bush Department of Justice in 2008 to get a lenient plea deal for Epstein.

"When Epstein's lawyers appeared to be failing in their pressure campaign, with senior DoJ officials concluding that Epstein was ripe for federal prosecution, Starr pulled out the stops," Brown claims, according to The Guardian. "Brown cites an unnamed prosecutor linked to the 2008 case who said of the legal campaign in which Starr was central that 'it was a scorched-earth defense like I had never seen before.'"

Epstein was eventually arrested in 2019 and charged with trafficking dozens of minors. He took his own life in prison months later, which set off a wave of conspiracy theories given his ties to former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as to Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.