'Ghoulish': Nicolle Wallace stunned by the 'incredible fraud' Kevin McCarthy perpetrated on America
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was alloted one minute to speak but ended up delivering a tirade lasting hours

"Deadline White House" on MSNBC began Friday talking about the recording revealed by Rachel Maddow on Thursday evening that showed House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was denouncing former President Donald Trump and promising resignation behind closed doors.

Host Nicolle Wallace started out by bringing the hammer down on McCarthy for blatantly deceiving the American people about Trump's conduct.

"Before we dive into the extraordinary content of the tapes we have to stop, I think, and not skip past the fraud that's been perpetrated on this country at the direction of Kevin McCarthy who saw Trump's conduct as egregious as I do," said Wallace. "As the three of you have uncovered, in the reporting and analysis. The fraud he's perpetrated on the country as the leader of the Republican Party is one of the ghoulish things I have seen in politics."

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal agreed, and said it was unlikely that McCarthy would be able to wiggle out of this or pretend it never happened.

"I don't think it will work because this shows cowardice and the revelations show that the Republican Party was far more in it when it comes to Jan. 6 than one would hope," said Katyal. "We talked about Mike Lee (R-UT), someone I had a lot of respect for and he looks like a secret coup plotter. So, the fraud on the country he's definitely part of it. He wasn't the only one. To me, it's just so sad because it reflects not just the ambition of these politicians like McCarthy, but it's the total destruction of principle. What you called the backbone at the start of the show."

See the video below:

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