Kevin McCarthy called out for ignoring death threats against Adam Kinzinger
Kevin McCarthy (Photo by Stefani Reynolds for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, podcast host Dean Obeidallah joined in with fill-in host Sam Stein to pile on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for remaining silent after a member of his own caucus was flooded with death threats against himself, his wife and his children.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is still a Republican member of the House until the midterm elections where he will not be on the ballot, and the Illinois Republican recently released audio of vile death threats he has been getting because he sits on the Jan 6th committee investing the insurrection egged on by Donald Trump.

According to Obeidallah and Stein, the lack of response to the threats to Kinzinger by the GOP leadership speaks volumes about where they stand.

"Once you go against Trump and you are fully disavowed by the Republican Party, is that it? "host Stein asked.

"It seems like it is worse than that," Obeidallah shot back. "Secondly, look, this is not about marginalizing a voice, this is about a deluge of vile voicemails released last week at Congressman Adam Kinzinger, death threats against him, his family, his wife, his child. This comes on the heels of a month ago there was a handwritten letter delivered to his house to his wife that he released to the public was saying that they were going to execute him, his son and you."

"When Republicans are concerned about threats, they speak out," he continued. "When Brett Kavanaugh had threats, Kevin McCarthy was on the floor of the House, he's on Fox News tweeting about it. But when Adam Kissinger revealed these threats, nothing. The message is clear, we value certain lives, those who are in our team. But those who dare criticize our Donald Trump, our leader, then violence is not only acceptable but encouraged."

Watch below or at this link.

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