Trump 'cannot wait to humiliate Kevin McCarthy' after all his sucking up: Former GOP consultant
Kevin McCarthy (Photo via Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show," former Republican strategist Tara Setmayer, now at the Lincoln Project, predicted that, should the Republican Party reclaim the House in November, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) would not replace Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as the House Speaker.

In a panel discussion with host Jonathan Capehart, Setmayer claimed that Donald Trump is waiting for his chance to "humiliate" the California Republican who has been pledging his "fealty" to the twice-impeached former president.

"Is there a chance McCarthy could become speaker, but without any real power within the party," host Capehart asked.

"I mean, he could. We could apply that to a lot of things. I could become the Speaker of the House. My cat Tiki could become Speaker of the House," she replied with a smirk. "Look, I stand by my statements a year ago that Kevin McCarthy will never be Speaker of the House."

"I shocked you when I said it could be Speaker Jim Jordan (R-OH) for all we know," she continued. "But here's the thing: Kevin McCarthy thinks that he is navigating this and that he has been like so brilliant, this brilliant tactician navigating the MAGA waters since he been on this quest to become speaker. It's a doomed quest. Donald Trump cannot wait to humiliate Kevin McCarthy even further."

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"We've seen this," she added. "He gets off on the idea of Kevin McCarthy's fealty. When McCarthy went on the floor of the House like [Mitch] McConnell did after January six, they actually spoke the truth about how they felt but what was going on. They had a chance to off-ramp from Trump, and when everyone thought maybe this is it, what did he do? Two weeks later, he goes down to Mar-a-Lago and he gives them some dollar store trophy and smiles next to him and he thinks this is going to work. It is not."

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