CBS host hammers Kevin McCarthy for 'elevating people denying reality' on committees
CBS/screen grab

CBS host Margaret Brennan grilled House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) about his decision to appoint 2020 election deniers to key committees.

During an interview on Sunday, Brennan noted that 70% of House GOP members had denied the results of the 2020 election.

"You put many of them on very key committees," she observed. "Why are you elevating people who are denying reality like that?"

For his part, McCarthy shifted blame "to the Democrats."

"Did you see those numbers we just put up?" Brennan asked, referring to the high rate of election denial among House Republicans. "They are 70%!"

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"Could you also be fair and equal and where you looked at [Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin] did the same thing," McCarthy charged.

"I'm asking you, as leader of Kevin McCarthy's House, why you made these choices," Brennan pressed. "These were your choices."

"Yeah, they're my choices, but they're the conference choices," McCarthy replied. "But I'm also asking you when you look to see just Republicans, Democrats have done the same thing. So maybe it's not denying. Maybe it's the only opportunity they have to have a question about what went on during the election."

"You're talking about things going back to 2000," Brennan stated. "I didn't have this show back then. That's why I'm asking you now about your leadership."

"How about these choices you just made?" she added. "This is your Congress."

"We put them into committees, and I'm proud to do it," McCarthy smiled.

Watch the video below from CBS or at the link.