'The Republican Party is getting smaller' -- and now it's literally killing off its voters: Ex-GOP aide
Sen. Mitch McConnell -- MSNBC screengrab

The California recall election loss should serve as a warning to the Republican Party, according to a former GOP aide, but he doubts they'll learn the right lesson from it.

Kurt Bardella, a former staffer to two GOP lawmakers and current senior advisor to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that the Republican Party was literally killing off its voters.

"It's getting smaller and smaller and smaller," Bardella said. "We have a party that, No. 1, is giving instructions to the most ardent supporters that will kill them. If you believe this iteration of the Republican Party, it could cost you your life. Your leaders, governors like the one in Mississippi, what we've seen in Alabama, with more deaths in Alabama than actual births in the last year, if you believe in this party, it could cost you your life."

"No. 2, if you are a woman in this country, this is a party that doesn't believe that your body is yours to command, that you have the right to make decisions about your health," he continued. "For all the things we hear from this party, so-called liberty and freedom and their ridiculous defense of why we shouldn't take the vaccine, that seemingly doesn't apply if you're a woman wanting to make a health care decision for yourself. If you're a minority, you're labeled as the enemy, dirt, a drug dealer or rapist or criminal or a virus."

"The Republican Party is getting smaller and smaller," Bardella added. "The Republican Party in California, 2003, during the recall that led to Arnold Schwarzenegger's election, that was a party that was fighting for the center. That was a party who chose an immigrant to be their standard bearer. He couldn't get past a primary in this iteration of the party. So as goes California, so goes the country. Just as the California Republican Party became a shell of itself and became a third party, got wiped out of office statewide, lost control of the legislature. That is what's going to happen to the national Republican Party if they keep going down this path."

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