Arizona Trump voter calls out Kyrsten Sinema for not backing Biden
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Screengrab.

In a blunt-talking column for Business Insider, a self-professed supporter of Donald Trump called out Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and said she needs to "put aside politics" and support President Joe Biden if she wants to truly help the citizens of Arizona.

Under a to-the-point headline that stated, "I'm a Trump voter from Arizona. My state's Democratic Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, needs to support Joe Biden's American Jobs Plan," Chea Yeomans began by pointing out the economic straits Arizonans are facing.

"There are few good jobs left in Arizona, and when working people are struggling, small businesses like ours just can't stay afloat," Yeomans wrote. " We voted for Donald Trump, but no matter who's in office, we need Washington to put aside politics, put working people first, and focus on creating good jobs. This isn't a political issue, it's a quality of life issue. Aside from voting, I'm not that political, but with my family's well-being on the line, I've started taking action to get us out of this hole."

Speaking personally, Yeomans elaborated, "My wife and I now have to work four jobs just to try and keep our heads above water. She's going to school full-time and working as a substitute teacher and waiting tables in the evening. She recently lost her restaurant job, but she's looking for another. I've been working on my family's farm and trying to pick up work detailing cars when I can. We work from sun up to sun down everyday and are just barely making it. We don't get days off around here. So many of my friends, family members, and neighbors are in the same boat as us."

That being explained, Yeomans claimed, "The American Jobs Plan is all about creating the good jobs Arizonans need, fixing up our beat-up roads and bridges, upgrading water, electricity, and broadband networks, all things that would help Arizonan families and businesses," before adding, "It will also mean people have money in their pockets for their wants and needs, so they can live the good life they deserve."

Addressing his Democratic Senator, he wrote, "Senator Sinema has said she welcomes the focus on expanding economic opportunities and will '[work] with the administration and colleagues in both parties to achieve lasting results that improve the lives of everyday Arizonans.' Senator Sinema, that is a good start, but we need you to go one step further. Please use your voice to support the American Jobs Plan and get this bill passed right away. Hard-working Arizonans can't wait any longer for the good jobs we need."

You can read his whole piece here -- subscription required.