Kyrsten Sinema hammered in FEC complaint over campaign spending on her 'lifestyle of luxury'
Kyrsten Sinema on Facebook.

The FEC is in receipt of a formal complaint levied against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) accusing of her using campaign donations to finance a lavish lifestyle that has nothing to do with the job voters sent her to Congress to do.

According to a report from AZCentral, the controversial lawmaker who recently abandoned the Democratic Party to become an independent, is being accused of spending campaign donations on "lavish” trips to London and Paris, with the group who filed the complaint calling for an investigation.

The report notes that Change for Arizona 2024, a PAC also known as Replace Sinema, wants the FEC to put the Arizona senator and her campaign expenditures under the microscope.

The complaint accuses her of "living a lifestyle of luxury financed by her special interest donors, to the detriment of her constituents in Arizona.”

According to Luis Avila, a senior adviser with Change for Arizona 2024, "We have been watching with growing concern the instances of Sinema abusing the power of her office, exploiting her campaign and Senate accounts for personal use. We now demand an official investigation into whether Sen. Sinema has broken the law."

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The report notes, "Sinema and her allied PACs detailed spending at various luxurious hotels beginning in 2019 and continuing through at least 2022, the complaint notes. In all, there were 51 expenditures totaling nearly $36,000 to 17 hotels the complaint characterizes as 'luxury hotels, resorts and spas' in France, the United Kingdom and ski resorts in Colorado and Utah."

"Beyond Sinema’s travel expenses, the complaint notes nearly $20,000 in wine expenses, $9,000 in meal costs at expensive restaurants and 'an astonishing $45,000 in campaign and PAC Expenditures on chauffeured car services.' Sinema used campaign and official funds on charter air services totaling $70,000 over a 12-month span beginning in 2021,”reports AZCentral's Ronald Hansen.

The filing notes, "The fact that Respondents reported spending more money in Europe on Senator Sinema’s 2022 trip than she concurrently raised from donors strongly suggests that her fundraising was a cover for travel undertaken for personal benefit.”

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