Watch: Kyrsten Sinema bristles at CNN's Tapper over question on the timing of her leaving the Democratic Party
Kyrsten Sinema, Jake Tapper (CNN screenshots)

In an exclusive interview she granted to Jake Tapper to discuss her departure from the Democratic Party, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (now I-AZ) fired back at the CNN host when he questioned the timing of her announcement after her now-former party took a 51-seat edge in the Senate.

As part of her roll-out to make her bombshell announcement, the controversial Arizona lawmaker claimed she was making the move to independent to better serve her constituents and that her votes will not fundamentally change.

Things grew a bit tenser when the CNN anchor asked if the departure was necessary in light of the Georgia U.S. Senate run-off that is sending Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) back to Washington D.C.

"Ever since Raphael Warnock, Senator Warnock was re-elected earlier this week the balance of power is 51 votes for the Democratic Party," Tapper pointed out before adding, "That includes two independents, Angus King and Bernie Sanders, but that's 51-49. What you're doing today doesn't change that; it's still going to be 51-49."

"I know you have to ask that question but that's kind of a D.C. thing to worry about," Sinema fired back. "What I'm focused on is making sure I'm doing what comports with my values and the values of Arizonans. So I'm going to still come to work and hopefully serve on the same committees I've been serving on and continue to work well with my colleagues of both political parties and not spend much time on what the mechanics look like for Washington D.C."

"To be honest, Jake," she added. "I don't think anyone in Arizona is caring about that, either."

Watch below or at this link.

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