Major Dem fundraising site refuses to boot Sinema despite her leaving party
Kyrsten Sinema

Although she bolted the Democratic Party last December, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) is still prominently featured on the key website her former party uses for fundraising and there are no firm plans to boot her anytime soon.

According to a report from Politico, Sinema can still be found on ActBlue which has raised questions over why she is still on the platform raising funds when she could be planning to run for re-election as a third-party candidate.

According to Politico's Jessica Parker, ActBlue " the most important fundraising portal in all of politics," before adding, "Sinema’s continued presence on the platforms shows the limits of her disdain for the Democratic Party: She might dislike sitting next to the party’s senators during lunch, but she’s still willing to take money from its small-dollar donors."

Pressed to explain the renegade senator's continuing presence, ActBlue CEO Regina Wallace-Jones, refused to take a stance, first telling Politico, "At the end of the day, ActBlue is an incredibly important technology platform inside an incredibly formidable big tent,” before adding, "It would be inappropriate in any way for us to be first movers bearing who is on the platform versus not. And we do have partners inside that tent that we will be taking cues from. So I do not imagine that we will be making that kind of a statement, and I do know that we’re in deep communications with others who have decision-making authority.”

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The report adds that Sinema just last month started using Anedot, which welcomes both Republicans and independent candidates.

According to Politico's Parker, Sinema isn't raking in money on ActBlue, raising only "a bit shy of $25,000" since she left the Democratic party after having previously having raked in $11.7 million for her 2018 campaign.

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