Former Fox News reporter complains about being fired because she compared Dr. Fauci to infamous Nazi
Lara Logan, U.S. Army photo by Spc. Steven K. Young

Lara Logan, a former Fox News reporter who frequently fell for internet hoaxes, revealed this week the reason she was fired from the right-wing cable news network.

While appearing at an event to raise money for Republican candidates in Kerrville, Texas, Logan was asked by an audience member what happened to her job at Fox News.

Logan replied that she got the axe when she compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to a notorious Nazi war criminal.

"I was on a show, I think it was with Pete Hegseth, who's a great person," she began. "And Anthony Fauci had just done an interview with Margaret Brennan at CBS... and she asked him about the criticism he was getting, and he said, 'Well, I am science, so anyone who questions me is questioning science.' So I was asked about this on this Fox show and I said, 'A lot of people I talk to, they don't see Fauci as science, they see him more as Dr. Joseph Mengele."

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This remark drew cheers from the audience.

Logan then acknowledged that the comparison of Fauci to a doctor who ran horrific experiments on people in concentration camps gave "an opening" for people to pressure the network to fire her.

Logan first revealed she'd been "dumped" by Fox this past March.

Watch the video below.