Lara Trump: Donald Trump is 'taking control' of the US border because he staged a photo op there
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News contributor Lara Trump asserted on Thursday that former President Donald Trump had taken control of the United States southern border because he staged a photo op in Texas earlier this week.

Lara Trump made the remarks while appearing on Fox & Friends.

"I think it was fantastic to see somebody go down and actually take charge of the situation," the ex-president's daughter-in-law opined. "President Trump, being the former president, sure got a lot more accomplished in his visit to the southern border than the acting border czar Kamala Harris did with her photo-op trip to a place that was 800 miles away from where the real problem happens to be down on the southern border."

Lara Trump falsely claimed that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris promised an "open border" when campaigning for office in 2020.

"Thank goodness the former president is down there at the southern border, taking control of the situation," she added. "Thank goodness somebody is paying attention: former President Trump."

The Fox News hosts declined to ask Lara Trump about the news that the Trump Organization may be facing criminal charges over a tax scheme.

Watch the video below from Fox News.