Lara Trump mocked after saying 'pretty much everything' her father-in-law said has come true
Lara Trump speaking with supporters at a "Make America Great Again" campaign rally at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

During an appearance on Newsmax this Monday, Lara Trump, the wife of Donald Trump's son Eric, discussed the recent report from special prosecutor John Durham which criticized the FBI's handling of the investigation into Donald Trump's alleged ties with Russia.

During the interview, Trump said that “pretty much everything” her father-in-law has ever said has come true.

“How many times has what he said actually come true? Pretty much everything he ever talked about — and, by the way, he was mocked for saying — have all come true,” she said.

The report, which Donald Trump said would reveal the "crime of the century," stated that the FBI did not have enough evidence to begin its investigation into Russian collusion, but didn’t suggest that “wholesale changes” be made to guidelines or policy.

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As The Independent points out, people on Twitter fired back at Lara Trump's claims of her father-in-law's truthfulness, one of whom was Vox's Aaron Rupar, who tweeted that the former president falsely said "the Continental Army took over airports during the Revolutionary War."

“Oh, @LaraLeaTrump. He didn’t even finish the wall -- and Mexico didn’t pay for it,” another person wrote in a tweet.

“Not only did he not finish the wall without Mx paying for it, but he had his buddy Steve Bannon stealing from a build the wall fund, then he get caught, and goes to jail - the kicker: Trump pardoned him for stealing from his own base,” one Twitter user added.

“Still waiting for Trump’s investigators to come back with the big evidence from Hawaii on Obama’s birth certificate .. remember that? He said in a couple weeks we were going to see some ‘very interesting things’ .. that was like 6 years ago.. still waiting,” wrote another.

“We can still inject disinfect into our bodies, right? That cures COVID. And that 51 miles of a flimsy border wall that’s always falling down. But it’s good, he put that Trump plaque on it. Oh, chant, who’s going to pay for the wall? MEXICO!!! We could play this game for days…” Twitter user Cindy Lou added.