Fox News' Lara Trump is worried Biden won’t be tough enough in his meeting with Putin this week
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet in Helsinki (Screen cap).

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law Lara has her own show on Fox News where she can promote talking points from the campaign. But her discussion Sunday about President Joe Biden stressed her fears that the new president would be overtaken by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The statement is ironic given Trump was easily rolled by Putin. It's even been reported that evidence suggested Trump was even a foreign asset to Russia.

Fiona Hill, the national security advisor on Russian affairs for Trump, revealed that Putin brought a "very attractive" woman to translate the conversation, despite the fact that Putin speaks English. Hill suspected that Putin brought the woman to "distract" Trump. It's the same tactic that Putin once used when meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel when he brought his black Labrador. Merkel is afraid of dogs after being attacked by one. Putin, a former spy, swore he never knew that story.

Trump's advisers met with or spoke with Russian leaders many times throughout the 2016 campaign, and a special counsel was brought in to investigate any illegal activity involved in those contacts and other behavior by his aides. According to former special counsel Robert Mueller, Trump attempted to obstruct that investigation at least ten times, which is illegal.

Upon leaving office, Trump still maintained that anything about him and Russia was a lie, despite considerable information from the intelligence community proving otherwise. He ultimately hired his own special counsel to investigate the Mueller investigation. The only thing that investigator, John Durham, has been able to find is a loose claim that someone lied to the FBI, which looks "shakey," explained former prosecutor Elie Honig.

Unlike Trump, Biden has met Putin before. Trump had only desperately tried to meet Putin before the two spoke for the first time in Helsinki in 2017.

When discussing Biden's first meeting with Putin, Hill said that the two men had sparred before.

"Biden has been around for 50 years in politics. Putin has been president of Russia for about 20 years.," said Hill. "These are both going to be very experienced people who will be sitting down here. What we're all hoping for, those of us who watch Russia and not in the business of making a drama out of it for television, is, we get out of this unscathed. What it would be good to be back again is to some kind of predictability and sequences of meetings so we don't have to hyperventilate every time there's an idea of an American president meeting with their Russian counterpart."

See Lara Trump's comments below:

Trump got rolled by Putin -- now lara thinks biden will too