GOP donors plot to 'limit' Trump's influence over party even as they go to kiss his ring in Palm Beach

Several high-profile Republican donors are headed to Palm Beach to hold fundraisers on former President Donald Trump's home turf, despite the fact that they fear his domination over the party could hurt it in certain 2022 midterm races.

Politico reports that the many GOP donors heading down to Palm Beach this weekend have a goal of "limiting Trump's influence if the GOP is going to win back the suburbs."

Although many of these donors are likely to attend a talk that Trump is giving at his Mar-a-Lago resort, one source tells Politico that they are still angry at the former president for his role in inciting the January 6th MAGA riots and in costing Republicans the Senate by depressing GOP turnout in the Georgia runoff elections.

"The thing on every donor's mind is how much sway Trump should have on the party," the source explained.

The donors are also reportedly fearful that Trump's own political action committee could hoover up resources needed to win key midterm races.

"The challenge for these titans of industry, of course, is that tens of millions of Republican voters remain loyal to Trump," Politico notes.