Conservative activist disrupts GOP donor meeting to complain about continued support for Liz Cheney
Trump-loving GOP candidate goes down in flames when reporter corners her on her own frivolous lawsuit

According to Punchbowl News' Jake Sherman, a conservative activist and failed GOP House candidate disrupted an RNCC meeting with donors in Florida to demand the party quit supporting GOP house members who supported the impeachment of Donald Trump.

In a series of tweets, Sherman said that Laura Loomer -- who was reportedly not invited to the meeting -- interrupted a presentation to complain about where the money is going while a colleague filmed her.

Sherman tweeted, "NEW An interesting scene unfolded at the @NRCC retreat this morning near Miami. During a staff @NRCC briefing for donors Laura Loomer stood up and asked why the party committee isn't trying to defeat @Liz_Cheney and the others who voted to impeach Trump. She had someone filming."

He added, "@RepTomEmmer-- the chair of the party committee -- quickly intervened and said we don't talk about that here, and we don't get involved with primaries. Emmer shut down the talk quickly. but was an ... interesting moment for the leadership, which is down at the retreat." before continuing, "Sources tell me Loomer was not on the list for the retreat and they are not sure how she got in, etc."

After the Daily Beast spoke with Loomer and she claimed she was a guest of a donor, Sherman clarified, "The @NRCC was not aware she was attending this retreat. She did show up with a donor."

You can see the tweets below: