Failed Trump-loving candidate declares 'I am the Congresswoman' despite clear defeat

Failed Trump-loving congressional candidate Laura Loomer isn't just refusing to concede despite her clear loss to incumbent Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) -- she's declaring herself the true elected representative of Florida's 11th Congressional District.

In a new Telegram post flagged by Right Wing Watch, the defeated Loomer declares that "the congressional seat in Florida's 11th District is mine for the taking" before then declaring, "I actually am the Congresswoman in Florida's 11th District, and everyone knows it."

In fact, everyone does not know it, as Loomer lost to Webster by six percentage points and will thus not be sworn into office.

Loomer went on to imply that she would not stop trying to defeat Webster in the GOP primary he lost, even if she ended up killing him.

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"Daniel Webster is illegitimate and my team and I will work to drive him into the ground every step of the way until he collapses in disgrace (or poor health) and resigns like he should have years ago," she wrote. "Dan Webster's health is worse than Joe Biden's. Everyone who has seen him recently knows it's true. His health is drastically failing, he is demented, looks ill, he can barely speak, he wears a life alert, I am willing to bet he doesn't survive before his current term is over."

Loomer has baselessly claimed that she only lost to Webster due to "voter fraud," even though this is now her second failed congressional campaign after she went down in flames against Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL) in 2020 in a race she lost by twenty points.

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