'Humiliated and embarrassed' voters in Lauren Boebert's district are fed up with her act after six months: report

According to a report from Politico, the antics of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) since she has been in Congress are turning off voters in one of the most important cities in her district and creating a groundswell to defeat her in the 2022 midterm election.

Politico's Jennifer Oldham reports that the city of Pueblo, Colorado could hold the key to whether Boebert is returned to Congress and, according to her report, "Among voters in Pueblo—the largest and most politically unpredictable city in Boebert's vast district—there is a growing sense of exasperation with the freshman representative not yet six months into her tenure."

Case in point, Sol Sandoval, who now intends to run against her.

"When I think of Lauren Boebert, I think of that expression 'all hat and no cattle,'" Sandoval explained. "When she had the opportunity to support stimulus funding, she chose Trump over us. It's very frustrating."

One key factor animating voters growing in opposition to her is her opposition to President Joe Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan, with Charles Perko, a local union leader upset that he can't get through to her about the impact it would have on jobs in the region, adding she won't talk to him and her local office is often closed.

"One of the key parts of that [infrastructure] plan is Amtrak expansion. Ours is one of only three mills in the country that makes rail," Perko explained. "If we can get just that part of the infrastructure plan alone passed, that will be business that would keep us in jobs for many years."

Gus Garcia, who voted for the GOP lawmaker in 2020, added that she has been a major disappointment.

"I thought Lauren would be a great representative for small business owners because she owns a small business, and she came from a humble lifestyle," business owner Garcia recalled. "But she has been so terribly disappointing. I am humiliated and embarrassed when she speaks on the House floor. She screams all the time, and she seems to have affiliated herself with whitesupremacists."

Politico's Oldham adds, "In an April poll conducted and paid for by three Democratic-leaning firms, 42 percent of Coloradans interviewed in her district said they had a favorable view of the representative, while 45 percent reported a negative view. (The results were based on a sample of 528 online surveys.) So far, Boebert has one announced Republican challenger, Marina Zimmerman, a crane operator who bills herself as a 'genuine blue-collar candidate.'"

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