Lauren Boebert faces furious backlash after calling for mass firing of teachers

Linking to a report from conservative website stating over 5,000 teachers have signed a petition saying they will defy any ban on the teaching of critical race theory, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) called for mass firings which brought out the critics who pointed out her own educational history which included being a high school drop-out.

Referring to the petition-signing educators, Boebert wrote, "Here's a list of 5,000 teachers that need to be relieved of their positions."

That opened the door for critics of Boebert --who spends a great part of her time on Twitter -- to point that she didn't bother to get her GED until months before she was elected to office and only at the urging at Republican campaign consultants.

You can see Boebert getting schooled by Twitter commenters below: