'She’s a joke!' Lauren Boebert berated by local TV broadcaster after debate 'embarrassment'
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert speaking with attendees at the 2021 AmericaFest. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Local Colorado broadcasters addressed local congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who is up for reelection, along with her colleagues. But those back home take issue with how bad she's making their state look.

Republican analyst Michael Fields attacked the moderator at the recent debate with Boebert and claimed that it didn't matter because she would be reelected anyway.

"Literally the only argument that Michael has is that we should have better moderators," Democratic strategist Andy Boian shot back. "She's a joke. This whole reality that she's mocking her congressional seat? She's a United States Congresswoman. And to act like that is an embarrassment to Colorado. It's an embarrassment to the third [congressional district]. It's an embarrassment to the country. She's a joke. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a joke. Both should be voted out. I don't think, unfortunately, Boebert is going to be voted out this time, but the only response Republicans have is we should look at the moderator? I mean, give me a break. You've got to look at the actual person in the job doing the work. He has no defense for Lauren Boebert. She is a clown."

Boebert appeared at a debate last Sunday, where she constantly spoke about Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Finally, her opponent, Adam Frisch had to cut in and remind her that his name was Adam, not Nancy. When she finally got around to attacking her opponent, she complained about the inner workings of the Aspen city government.

After the debate, Frisch told the Aspen Daily News on Sunday that Boebert is "fishing hard” and “inner workings of Aspen city government” aren't big on the district's concerns.

See the video below or at the link here:

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