'Can you be a normal human being just once?': Lauren Boebert buried over her 'pathetic' Father's Day tweets
Zoom question and answer appearance screenshot

While Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was able to pull off a simple "Happy Father's Day" tweet on Sunday morning, her right-wing extremist colleague, Rep. Lauren Boebert seemed more interested in trolling Twitter users and drawing attention to herself with a pair of offensive tweets.

The gun-toting lawmaker began with "Happy Father's Day to all the non-birthing people," before following with "Ladies, happy sandwich making day!" which implied to most critics that domesticity is all women have to offer.

Boebert tweet about making sandwiches ended up opening the gates for her critics to remind the restaurant owner about the time she served up sliders that led to reports of food poisoning.

You can see some responses to both tweets below: