'She’s lying all the time': Unaffiliated voters in Lauren Boebert's district are tired of her act
Lauren Boebert (Photo by Rod Lamkey via Shutterstock)

According to a consortium of Colorado newspapers including the Colorado Sun and the Aspen Times among others, a substantial number of unaffiliated voters they interviewed in Rep. Lauren Boebert's home district would prefer to see someone else representing them in Congress.

In June 2021 the papers talked with voters in her district before it was revamped, and this week they went back to see where the controversial GOP lawmakers stands with her constituents now as she runs for re-election.

The reviews came back mixed.

According to 70-year-old Marilyn Morris of Pueblo, she voted for Boebert in 2020, but has already cast her 2022 vote for Boebert's Democratic opponent Adam Frisch.

“I don’t like the way she behaves in Congress. That is not respectful, and I wouldn’t vote for her for that reason alone,” she stated.

The report adds, "In 2020, Morris said Boebert seemed like the lesser of two evils. But she doesn’t like how Boebert has spent her two years in Washington."

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“She’s lying all the time,” Morris asserted, “so I just don’t trust her.”

Richard Hirano, 59, of Craig said he couldn't remember if he voted for Boebert before and is still not sure if he'll vote for her now.

“I don’t like anybody now. I think our freedoms are under attack, I don’t like either party,” he stated. "I think Boebert is kind of crazy. But I don’t think the other party has any better options. I’m just tired of them attacking each other. I just wish they would do something for our country.”

“I just think she’s sometimes off the deep end," he continued. "She sounds like she’s trying to push that we need to be ruled by religious belief.”

Stephanie Cooper, 30, of Durango stated she's a conservative, but is not a fan of the GOP lawmaker and may sit out the election.

"I just feel like she’s more focused on attention than getting stuff done. And rather than take the time to actually come to the table with her constituents or anyone who opposes her,” she explained. "I don’t plan on voting for many Republicans. There are other people out there and other groups out there that I probably align more with. And if I feel stuck on if it’s just between a Democrat and Republican and I don’t agree … I’m not going to vote.”

Anthony Medved of Durango, believes the GOP lawmaker is an embarrassment, calling her a "terrible right-wing politician.”

“I think she cares more about her persona than she does actually making a difference in this world,” he remarked. "She needs to be removed from her responsibilities and I will be encouraging anyone I talk to to vote against her and her radical thoughts and actions."

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