Watergate legend blows up on Trump’s inner circle as new bombshell revelations come to light: ‘Why the hell did they sit still?’
Pulitzer Prize winning Watergate legend Carl Bernstein on CNN (screencap)

On CNN Tuesday, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein discussed the implications of the new revelations that Joint Chiefs chair Gen. Mark Milley compared Trump to Hitler and was on guard for a coup attempt.

"We need to take this moment and say, how did we get to a place where the leader of the American military compared the president of the United States to Hitlerian fascism?" said Bernstein. "We didn't say it. He did. This is a moment. That is that's the importance of this book and perhaps the importance of some of the other books. We are finally getting behind the scenes as to what our leaders were saying and knew about Trump."

"But the other thing is, on our air, cable news, this network, MSNBC, Trump's derangement was reported, reportorially nailed down," added Bernstein. "A good number of people — myself included, but I don't want to take the credit for this — a number of people early on said, this is a deranged, dangerous, authoritarian president of the United States, starting in 2017."

"And yet his party — the people around him in the White House — they did not go public, including some of the people who are quoted in these books. Why the hell did they sit still instead of warning the American people out loud, instead of just talking to us? We have a lot of questions to answer as we know in an expanded way finally what has occurred in this terrible, terrible, awful period of our history."

Watch below:

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