Trump fans find a new way to annoy other airline passengers
A man dressed as Donald Trump holds a "Let's Go Brandon" flag for Halloween. (Shutterstock)

Fans of former president Donald Trump have found a new way to annoy other people in public.

The twice-impeached former president's supporters have resisted mask mandates on planes and airports, and a Southwest Airlines pilot landed under investigation for signing off with the right-wing catchphrase "let's go Brandon" -- and that has inspired a new line of pranks by Trump fans, reported The Daily Beast.

Conservative pranksters are tricking airport staffers into paging phony passengers whose names resemble right-wing memes, including "let's go Brandon."

"[That's] the prankishness of the American right right now," said Daily Beast correspondent Will Sommer on the "Fever Dreams" podcast.

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“He does it and has his little snicker at the Cinnabon,” Sommer added about one prominent prankster, “but these videos rack up tens of thousands of views.”