QAnon attorney Lin Wood accused of trying to abscond with settlement money in battle with former law partners: report
Lin Wood in the Oval Office. (Official White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Will Sommers, controversial attorney Lin Wood could be in more legal hot water after emails he hid from a judge reportedly reveal he was plotting to abscond with settlement money he had previously planned to share with his former law partners.

Wood, who has been most notable recently for his involvement with the QAnon conspiracy movement which believes -- among other things-- that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, was also at the center of lawsuits filed against CNN and the Washington Post by former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann that resulted in out of court settlements.

That money is now at the center of a dispute between Woods and his former law partners, Nicole Wade, Jonathan Grunberg, and Taylor Wilson, reports Sommer.

Wood "quit his practice in 2020 after a series of bizarre incidents involving Wood, including an alleged assault on one of the lawyers. For his part, while Wood concedes he described the lawyers as his 'partners,' he says they were never truly partners in his firm," the Beast report reveals with Sommer adding, "As part of the firm's break-up, Wood agreed in a March 2020 agreement to pay his ex-partners an undisclosed amount of what he would receive from Sandmann's settlements. But now, the plaintiffs in the case say Wood was already scheming behind the scenes to dupe them out of the settlement money."

The report goes on to state that Wood sent out an email to another attorney who worked on the Sandmann case, " sign an agreement that would take advantage of a Georgia legal rule about payments by objecting to the three other lawyers receiving any money from the Sandmann cases," with Wood reportedly writing, "In short, I need your help and the help of [Disputed Client] to nip this nonsense in the bud quickly and quietly… Will you help me?"

"In July 2020, when Wood was due to hand over the agreed share of the Sandmann money to his ex-partners, he instead insisted that he couldn't give them any money because the unnamed client had objected to anyone besides Wood receiving money. Wood would later claim that he had no role in the client's decision not to share the funds—an allegation undermined by his own emails, according to his ex-partners," the Beast is reporting. "Complicating Wood's position in the case, his ex-partners say he didn't hand over the emails during discovery, the process in which opposing sides exchange relevant documents in a case. Instead, they say Wood concealed the emails' existence, lying under oath that he had provided them with all of the documents they asked for."

Pressed by the Beast over the accusation, the attorney "called the accusations that he had lied to a judge about the alleged existence of the scheme and the emails 'provably false,' and went on to accuse the Beast report of being part of "'Operation Mockingbird,' a conspiracy theory popular with QAnon believers that holds that the CIA controls media outlets."

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