Attorney Lin Wood flips out on Sidney Powell and 'Stop the Steal' organizers as thieving 'Deep State' fronts
Fox News screenshot

Attention-seeking QAnon attorney Lin Wood lashed out on his Telegram account on Friday, accusing the organizers of the Jan 6th "Stop the Steal" rally that preceded the Capitol insurrection of being a front for the "Deep State."

According to a report from Rolling Stone, the former attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse who is now in an ugly fight over the teen's bail money now that his trial has ended, has been spending the past few days pointing the finger at former allies on the right who have criticized his practices.

In response, he has accused them of being "grifters."

In a post on Friday, he attacked the "Stop the Steal" organizers and included a record of a conversation he had with a high-profile supporter of Donald Trump, former CEO Patrick Byrne.

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After writing, "After doing the research and connecting the dots, I have reached the conclusion that the Stop the Steal organization is a Deep State organization to raise money for purposes other than to FIX 2020. … WATCH OUT for anyone affiliated with Stop the Steal. Every lie will be revealed," the clip of his phone call revealed him telling Byrne, "I'm not sure where all this money is going, but I think somebody owes to the American public a full accounting," about former Donald Trump attorney Sidney Powell.

Byrne's contribution to phone call included him telling Wood, "I have texts. Some of it has to do with Sidney wanting to bed me, and I said no. We have texts and witnesses to that, and that's how she became a woman scorned."

Wood, in turn, responded, "I haven't spoken a word to Sidney since April 6, and I never will again. I gave her a laundry list of things she had to clean up and told her she had to get an auditor… She refused to let me look at any — well, I can't tell you more. But we walked out after about 17 days there… You can infer what you want from that."

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Rolling Stone's Peter Wade added, "Later in the conversation, Wood and Powell both said they believe Powell is currently under federal investigation, and Wood claimed that Powell 'signed my name to certain lawsuits without my knowledge or permission, and she hasn't been honest about that,'" before adding the two discussed, "how much money Powell had raised, allegedly to fund her attempts to overturn the election, which they said ranged anywhere from $15 million to $70 million."

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