Lindsey Graham 'can't stand it when he's not garnering attention' -- and it's creating GOP chaos: analyst
SEn. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (Photo by Chip Somodevilla for AFP)

During a discussion on MSNBC on Saturday over Sen. Lindsey Graham's decision to sponsor a federal bill that would ban abortions after 15 weeks, one political strategist explained why the South Carolina Republican made the announcement that infuriated some of his GOP colleagues.

Speaking with host Lindsey Reiser, Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod claimed Graham went rogue at a time when Republicans were ducking their abortion problem with voters because he needs the attention.

Earlier this week CNN reported that Republicans were furious with Graham after the announcement to reporters, with the report stating, "... a closed-door debate by House Republicans over Sen. Lindsey Graham's proposed 15-week national ban on abortion got heated today," before adding, "One member characterized it as '... a healthy discussion' with what he called, 'different viewpoints.' It's the latest example of how Graham's bill has put an uncomfortable spotlight on a rift in the party less than two months before midterms."

On Saturday, Elrod was asked what Graham was thinking by proposing the bill so close to the midterm election.

"Certainly, it's been a gift given to us frankly that we don't think we were expecting," the Democratic strategist said with a smile. "And I don't think a lot of Republicans were expecting it either. It's almost like Lindsey Graham can't stand it when he's not garnering the attention he wants, not making headlines like he was with Donald Trump."

"I know he's doing Fox News Sunday tomorrow, where I'm sure he's gonna say more things that will give Democrats leverage to run on going into the midterms," she predicted.

"But look, no mistake, you can have [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell, you can have some of these other Republican leaders standing up and saying, you know, this is not where the party stands," she continued before adding, "[But] it is where the party stands."

"That is why they spent so much time over the last four years confirming three Supreme Court justices all of whom, made very clear, they're pro-life," she elaborated. "It's what they wanted for a long time."

"They can duck behind what Lindsey Graham is doing, but swing voters will make the decisions on the midterms," she suggested. "They know what's going on here in that this is truly what the Republican Party has stood for -- and continues to stand for."

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