Whoopi Goldberg goes off on Lindsey Graham for turning on Judge Jackson: 'You should be ashamed of yourself'
Whoopi Goldberg (Screenshot)

The women of "The View" began the show Wednesday attacking Republicans for their attacks on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during the first day of questions during the hearings.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg began by saying "Lindsey Graham, you should be ashamed of yourself. None of this came up the last three times. The last three times this woman came before you. You were fine with her. Suddenly now you don't know what you are doing. The last time you voted for her, now you're walking. Republicans were this worried about sex crimes and their egregiousness, they didn't want to hear about sex crimes when [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh was being nominated. So, I'm just -- just, and that's all -- and she has not been accused of a sex crime, okay? I'm just saying that."

Sunny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor, explained that the only reason that Republicans like Graham are asking such absurd questions stems from their inability to find anything else in her record.

"I think when your qualifications are so unassailable, I think you -- they're subjecting her to the histrionics and political theater because they have nothing else," said Hostin.

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Joy Behar recalled the 2008 election, saying that the GOP tried to do the same thing with former President Barack Obama for going to the church led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. They then pulled sermons he gave and used them against Obama. The same was being done with Judge Jackson because she serves on the board of a school where a class has kids read a book about babies not being born with racism.

Serving as the conservative voice, Lindsey Granger said that they should be asking more hard-hitting questions and said that the questions about her releasing terrorists to kill more Americans is a legitimate one. Hostin talked over her, trying to fact-check the claim. Grainger said that Graham walking out was a valid protest.

As Hostin explained, the Republicans misquoted her.

"He's not that passionate. That was histrionics. That was political theater," said Hostin. "I agree with you. The questioning certainly is valid, but you cannot start the questioning with misinformation, mis-contextualized, and that's what they did. They said she called President [George W.] Bush and the Secretary of Defense war criminals. She did not. They said other things and said she chose to defend these terrorists. She was a public defender. Public defenders do not -- do not choose the people they defend. What they do, is they make our system better. I remember going up against federal public defenders. It made me better, and if I won that case, I knew that I had a strong case, and I knew I did the right thing. you need them in that room. You need them, and that's what she did."

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The court agreed with Jackson at the time and the men were released.

Sara Haines pointed to Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Graham's complaint that people asked about her religion during the hearing and how inappropriate it was. So, he wanted to know everything about Judge Jackson's faith too.

"The difference was it made sense to be questioned on those things purely because one of the number one issues dividing this country is a woman's right to choose versus pro-life. And it's a religious -- it's greatly and mostly based in a religious belief and separating that belief out. So, the fact that Justice Amy Coney Barrett her whole life was meshed in religion. She doesn't just go to church on Sunday. She is on boards and pro-life boards. So, when they pressed her on religion where Lindsey Graham had kind of couch it in — whereas when they did it to Ketanji Brown Jackson, they're trolling her. They're trying to make her out to be something. And what I saw this as is they're not going to vote on anything they hear in this hearing. They're going to vote down party lines. She's going to go through, and she deserves to go through, but this was about campaigning for presidency."

See the full exchange below: