Michael Steele busts Lindsey Graham: 'You can't take anything that comes out of his mouth seriously'
Sen. Lindsey Graham - (CNN screen grab)

Michael Steele mocked Sen. Lindsey Graham's admonishment of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

The South Carolina Republican urged McConnell to repair his relationship with Donald Trump, calling him the leader of the GOP, and the former Republican National Committee chairman could only laugh.

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"Is this the same Lindsey Graham who wasn't loyal enough when he slammed the president for what he did on Jan. 6?" Steele said. "Look, you can't take anything that comes out of Lindsey's mouth seriously, because it's going to change depending on the mood and the wind. You know, the fact of the matter is Mitch McConnell of all the Republican leaders has been the one, has been the most unmovable by Donald Trump, and so Lindsey Graham nipping at his heels is not something McConnell is not only not going to pay attention to but take seriously."

"McConnell has control of that Senate, Lindsey knows it," Steele added. "That was more drama for, again, feeding Trump than moving Mitch McConnell."

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